COVID-19 Update

We have extended our office closure until April 27th, 2020 following American Dental Association’s recommendations. If this date changes again, we will send out another message to keep you updated. Please note, we will have a different operating procedure. Due to the 10 person maximum capacity, only four patients will be allowed in the office at one time- this includes our 6-person staff. We will try to accommodate our schedule as best as we can to avoid anyone waiting outside of our office. If we are at maximum capacity, we will let you/loved ones know to kindly wait outside until we are able to let more people in. This is for your and our safety.

We will also be screening before each appointment each patient we see- we will ask pre-screening questions such as- if you have been overseas, been in contact with anyone that has, been in contact with anyone diagnosed with Coronavirus, if you have a fever, coughing, problems breathing. If so, we will need to reschedule your appointment. If your temperature comes back as a fever when pre-screening, we will need to reschedule your appointment and possibly recommend you see a physician. If you are aware of any of the pre-screening questions as a “yes”, please let us know in advance so we can reschedule.

We are also taking more pre-cautions and having each patient update their medical history in the exam room instead of on our public computer. We have always sanitized patient care rooms to OSHA standards, but will be implementing other more stringent sanitization measures that are recommended to fight Covid-19 as those are updated. As things change and update for protocols, we will follow them.

For patients with appointments next week- starting 3-30-2020, we will be contacting you to reschedule since we will now be closed. Patients with appointments starting on 4-27-2020, will also be contacted to adjust times slightly to accommodate more time for our pre-screening and disinfecting procedures. Thank you in advance, stay safe and healthy!

Smiles By Mary-Stuart Gallian, D.M.D. PC

Thank you for choosing Dr. Mary-Stuart Gallian and her staff as your home for dental care. We strive to provide you with excellent dental care and personal attention. It is our goal to help you maintain or improve your oral health and have the best smile possible. We strive to provide you with individualized care through information and education about procedures and health care choices that fit your specific needs.

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