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A smile is the best way to communicate, however not everyone feels confident when they smile. Almost 80 percent of adults have an aesthetic compromise within their smile. It can be as simple as a chip or crack, old dental restorations, discolorations, and misaligned teeth. Modern dentistry offers a wide variety of treatments to address your smile issues.

Cosmetic dentistry requires deliberate, precise techniques and the highest levels of quality control. Dr. Gallian can deliver the promise of a brighter and healthier smile because she continuously updates her team with training, technology, and equipment.

Even though Dr. Gallian emphasizes cosmetic dentistry in her practice, she wants to provide total dental health care for you and your family. Without basic care, cosmetic dentistry would not be possible. Healthy teeth, gums, and mouth are essential before cosmetic treatments can begin. Early diagnosis of initial dental problems allow us to use the most conservative and least invasive procedures.

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Cosmetic Services

Porcelain Crowns and Veneers
Custom Teeth Whitening
Composite (tooth colored) Fillings
Implant Crowns and Bridges
Complete Smile Makeovers
Laser Cosmetic Procedure

Preventative Services

VELSCOPE oral cancer screenings
Crowns and Bridges
Implant Restorations
Fillings Prophy/Cleanings
Laser Frenectomy
Laser Treatment of Cold Sores
Sleep Screening for APNEA

Other Services

Full Mouth Digital X-rays (80% less radiation)
Digital Panoramic X-rays
Dentures and Partials
Root Canal Therapy
Oral Surgery
Scaling and Root Planning (Deep Cleanings)
Night Guards and Sports Guards
Emergency appointments available
Snore Guards
Mandibular Anterior Positioning Devices for APNEA

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